About Us

Prince George Symphony Orchestra

Our Mission:

The Prince George Symphony Orchestra seeks to enrich the cultural life of the residents of Prince George and the northern interior of BC by providing symphonic music in a way that is financially responsible and provides its performers with just compensation, consistent with its artistic direction.

Our Mandate:

  1. To enhance the quality of life in Prince George and the region by providing, developing and sustaining first class symphonic and orchestral music.
  2. To ensure the sustainability of our resident professional musicians and to develop opportunities for our community musicians.
  3. To support the growth of young artists by ensuring they are at a level of competence to perform with professional players and to inspire our youth through a variety of exceptional educational opportunities.
  4. To partner with other arts organizations in the community and region to ensure a vibrant and artistically uplifting cultural experience for the people of northern British Columbia.

Our History:

The Prince George Symphony Orchestra is a producer of quality symphonic music with a core of extremely talented and dedicated professional musicians. It is also the only professional or semi-professional orchestra in the area encompassing the entire northern province west of Prince George to the west coast, north to the Arctic Ocean, at least 400 kilometers to the east, and 520 kilometers south.  The PGSO is the cultural leader in Prince George and Northern BC in terms of live classical music.

The Prince George Symphony Orchestra grew out of a small group of amateur musicians gathered for the purpose of accompanying the Prince George Cantata Singers in performances of Handel’s Messiah. In 1970, the group became the New Caledonia Chamber Orchestra under the direction of Canadian composer, Imant Raminsh. On June 11, 1971, the orchestra became incorporated under the “Societies Act,” and changed its name to the New Caledonia Symphony Orchestra. The name was again changed on March 10, 1981 to the Prince George Symphony Orchestra Society.  Over the years, the orchestra changed from an amateur community orchestra to its current status as a semi-professional orchestra.  Currently, there is a pro-core of outstanding professional musicians, plus paid and non-paid community musicians, supplemented, when needed, by out-of-town imports.

About Us

Upcoming Shows

50th Anniversary Season - $50 for 50 years

50/50 Sales Deadline: Midnight, Thursday, December 31, 2020 ∗ Online ∗
Series: Special Events

Autumn Revival I

Saturday, Sept .26 - Sunday, Sept.27, 2020 ∗ Prestige Treasure Cove Resort ∗ 2:00 pm and 7:30 pm
Series: Small Orchestra

Autumn Revival II

Saturday, Oct. 24 - Sunday, Oct.25, 2020 ∗ Prestige Treasure Cove Resort ∗ 2:00 pm and 7:30 pm
Series: Small Orchestra