Support Us

32 ways to support the Prince George Symphony Orchestra

  1. Buy a ticket
  2. Donate your beverage cans and bottles at BBK bottle depot at 2614 Petersen Rd. (off Vance Rd.)
  3. Volunteer to help at a performance (contact us by email)
  4. Bring a friend to a performance
  5. Sponsor a musician and help us buy percussion instruments
  6. Like us on Facebook
  7. Write a letter to the Mayor about how much you support the PGSO (
  8. Make a contribution to our endowment fund at the Prince George Community Foundation
  9. Volunteer to help with our book sales (contact us by email)
  10. Donate books to our book sale - we take donations all year long
  11. Help us put up posters for our performances
  12. Follow us on Twitter
  13. Write a letter to your MLA about how much you like and support the PGSO ( or
  14. Tell a friend about the PGSO
  15. Sponsor a concert
  16. Convince your boss to sponsor a concert
  17. Donate an instrument to the PGSO (we need a new tambourine!)
  18. Host a visiting artist or musician
  19. Take out a life insurance policy and name the PGSO as the beneficiary
  20. Buy a season subscription
  21. Add a donation to your season subscription
  22. Volunteer to help with the sponsor a musician campaign
  23. Donate a professional service to the PGSO (we especially need a photographer and painters)
  24. Attend a PGSO fundraiser
  25. Write a letter to your MP about how much you like and support the PGSO ( or
  26. Help us deliver our season brochures
  27. Bring a snack for the musicians to a rehearsal (contact us by email)
  28. Advertise in our programme (contact us by email)
  29. Is there some music you would like to hear? we are interested in your opinion, send us an email to
  30. Volunteer to help in the office
  31. Volunteer to help in the Library (we have a vast music library!)
  32. Buy a ticket!

Support us

Upcoming Shows

Fall Classics

Friday, October 25, 2019 ∗ Ramada Plaza Hotel ∗ 7:30 pm
Series: Chamber Music

We Remember

Saturday, November 2, 2019 ∗ Vanier Hall ∗ 7:30 pm
Series: Mainstage Concerts

Chamber and Baroque

Sunday, November 17, 2019 ∗ Ramada Plaza Hotel ∗ 2:00 pm
Series: Special Events